Whether you need us to manage your condo unit, your duplex or your multiplex (up to 8 units), we are committed to managing your property efficiently and professionally. If you are looking for an accountable and trustworthy ally that can deal with daily management issues, ensure the preservation of your property and oversee its improvements over the years, thenplease contact us today..


Relationship with your tenants

When we work together, Sequoia becomes the sole intermediary with your tenants. We do everything from collect rents to renegotiate leases. We are available 24 hours a day to answer tenant questions and service requests, as well as to handle all emergency calls.


Peace for the mind

Sequoia will manage any necessary business with the city, the tenants and with service providers. Every month, you will receive a detailed report listing all actions taken for your real estate property.


Preserving your real estate

An initial visit of your property followed by periodic inspections, enable us to advise you on possible renovations and to anticipate repairs. Your property’s appreciation is top of mind.