Competitive rates for quality services

Since each property has its own characteristics, the rates for our services are established and mutually agreed upon, based on the following:

  • The number of rental units
  • he nature of tenants
  • The surface area of common spaces


  • Triplex on the Plateau (construction date: 1922)
  • Factors taken into account: 3 apartments, plumbing and electrical in good condition, limited common space, stable tenants, including 2 families.
  • Gross monthly rate of services: $290 + tax ($327)

Calculation of actual deductions for the property owner:

Renegotiation of insurance policy at start of mandate:

Savings of $280 per year = $23 / month.

Estimate of savings on service calls and minor repairs (based on the volume of business we give our service providers, we benefit from preferential rates with plumbers, electricians, painters, etc.):

$760 per year = $63 / month.

Tax deductions (the service is deductible, in this case, at a rate of 35%):

$327 x 35% = $114.50 / month.

Actual monthly cost to the property owner for SEQUOIA services: $126.50