Frequently Asked Questions with Michael Chetboun

My second-floor tenant called me again on Sunday morning. I’m tired of it! What can you do for me?

This is the reason why Sequoia was created. I, myself, as a property owner, was confronted with similar problems and decided to found this company. Today, our clients are people like you, who can truly count on us. They know that we are ready and waiting to manage unforeseen situations at any time, even on Sunday mornings!

I own a quadruplex in Laval, can you manage it?

With pleasure. SEQUOIA’s territory extends to the Greater Montreal Region, including the North and South shores.

Real estate management is expensive, no?

Contrary to what you might think, entrusting your property’s management to Sequoia actually saves you money. The actual cost of our services turns out to be quite reasonable (see our example of rates). In fact, not only do you benefit from preferred rates with our suppliers, our services are also tax deductible.

You are handling a significant part of my estate. Can I trust Sequoia?

Know that we work in partnership with Royal Lepage in Outremont, a company that has put their trust in us. Let us reassure you that we take our responsibilities very seriously. The positive response from our clients leads us to believe that we are reaching their expectations.

The recurrent expenditures for my quadruplex are costing me a fortune… what can I do?

At the very start of our mandate, we advise you on how to save money. We look at all possible avenues to reduce your expenses. After getting quotes from major suppliers, we will be in a position to offer solutions to cut down on your bills.

I travel for 6 moths of the year. Can I put you in charge of my condo?

Absolutely. The opening of a joint account allows us to manage all of your inflows and outflows while you are away. In addition, you can access your Sequoia account online at all times to view the details of the transactions taking place in your absence. You can now leave with peace of mind.

What happens when one of my tenants has a clogged sink? How is the emergency handled?

All tenants have our emergency phone number and can call us when they have a problem. The Sequoia team is ready 24/7 to act and make the decisions to resolve the situation. In this case, a Sequoia technician would quickly be dispatched to the unit, at a minimal cost to the property owner. It is important to note that a satisfied tenant tends to stay longer and show good will. Being helpful is a win-win situation.