Our client experiences

Name: Jean-François Boily
Clients: Sequoia Condominium Management
Rôle: Condo Administrator
Neighborhood: Downtown
Comments: Having tried out many other real estate management companies, at much expense, we finally retained the services of Sequoia. They did more for us in a matter of months than their predecessors did over many years. We finally managed to clear up a large number of problems that had gone unresolved for years. These significant improvements will no doubt result in the appreciation of the value of our units.

Name: Karine and Jean-François Frémeaux
Clients: Sequoia Plex Management
Rôle: Quadruplex owners
Neighborhood: Côte des Neiges
Comments: We are very satisfied with Sequoia’s management services. Our tenants have never been better served and as a result, they stay year after year. On our end, all invoices and taxes are paid on time and our maintenance costs have gone down. Essentially, we have nothing to worry about!

Name: Cassandra Porter
Clients: Sequoia Management Consulting
Rôle: Property owner looking for investment opportunities
Neighborhood: Plateau Mont-Royal
Comments: Thank you for taking the time to explain all the subtleties related to the purchase of real estate in Montreal. You revealed many aspects, which I had not thought of. The session was extremely useful and very appreciated.